“We STAND in the SHADOWS, to SAFELY allow you to SHINE”

At BMC Executive Security Corp your security is of the upmost importance. With backgrounds in military, law enforcement, private security and threat analysis positions we have the solutions for your protection needs. BMC provides businesses, event promoters and private customers with integrated solutions designed to quickly, efficiently and effectively address any security concerns. We strive to hire highly trained, certified, dedicated and experienced security agents to help give our clients a peace of mind. Our agents receive continuous training to remain prepared to respond inane situation while staying professional, calm and vigilant. Our goal is always to maintain the highest services possible no matter what the event or occasion may be.



Michael Bolkovic


Michael Bolkovic is the founder, as well as a Co-Ceo of BMC Executive Security Corp. Michael has over 20 years of experience in the Armored Truck, Armed Guard/Courier field with 12 years plus of service in Executive Protection, nightclub security, performer event security, asset protection and threat assessment industry. His vast time in the Armored Truck, Armed Guard/Courier, and security industry brings many different levels of expertise to this team. He also excels in client service, ensuring that each customer receives the attention to detail that is deserved. His hard work, dedication and knowledge of what this business requires, is what will be used to build a team of elite protectors in our field.

Alfredo Brun


Alfredo Brun is a Co-Ceo of BMC Executive Security Corp. Alfredo is a USMC Veteran and has advanced in the security service platform for over 35 years. Within these years he has acquired an array of skills that include: Military Weapons Training, Armored Protection, Armed Guard/Courier, Nightclub Security Services and Personal Protection Services. Amongst these skills lay an abundance of dedication and commitment to the security industry and what it entails. Alfredo’s priority is truly dedicated to serving and protecting his clients with their every catered need. Alfredo also believes in providing clients a quality of service and professionalism that surpasses expectations. Securing what is important to you is our business…

Dominic Cross


Dominic Cross is a retired Tactical Training Officer and Close Quarters Combat Instructor for NYPD’s Active Shooter Response teams. He is a Level 1 Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) Certified Instructor. Dominic has over 20 years in the Law Enforcement, having started his career with the NYPD two months prior to the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. He holds a multitude of training certificates including but not limited to NYPD Intelligence Division Dignitary Protection Training and Surveillance/Counter-surveillance Training, which Dominic has put to use during the course of his career in providing close protection to everyone from celebrities to foreign dignitaries and CEO’s. Dominic brings a level of professionalism to the team that would be expected of someone with diverse law enforcement and high profile executive protection background, spanning two decades in the busiest city in the country. He has a calm, collected, yet friendly demeanor which always sets clients at ease, providing safety from the shadows so that our clients can shine…as is our creed at BMC.

Christian Rodriguez


Christian Rodriguez is BMC’s Event Protection Supervisor. Christian has been the owner/ operator of multiple hospitality based small businesses in NYC for over 20 years. He brings to our agency the drive and leadership skills necessary to ensure that even the most challenging endeavors will run seamlessly. Possessing an entrepreneurial mind capable of adapting as necessary to fluid, fast paced environments, Christian is an asset to BMC’s Event Protection services, and to your next affair.